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Ivy (or rather the common ivy) is just another plant – an evergreen vine, to be specific. It is a flowering plant and, as such, it is a pretty common sight in gardens – under benches, around lamp posts and trees, on stone walls and even in the wild.

Different types of Ivies

The common ivy goes by many names – European ivy, English ivy or just ivy, and is a species native to Europe and West Asia. However, the common ivy (scientific name: Hedera hibernice) is not the only type of ivy there is. For instance, there is also the Hedera hibernica (also known as the Irish or the Atlantic ivy).

Invasive species threat

Even though ivy has long been used as something to cover the ground with – it is very harmful to trees in general. This is because the ivy is not an indigenous species but an invasive species in North America. Invasive species are aggressive in fighting for their ecological niches and usually end up displacing native species. And, that is why, when it comes to the health and safety of a tree – ivy is such a big concern.

Ivy damage

Now, ivy can be bad for a tree in a lot many ways. For example, if the ivy is blocking a structural or flare root area, then it becomes hard to inspect and analyze those areas and these areas are important when it comes to determining tree stability.

Another example would be that ivy growth on a tree increases the tree’s total mass and wind resistance. And, because ivies are evergreens, this means that those trees that would have otherwise been completely bare in the winter season will now be stressed out from all the rain and wind.

Getting rid of ivy

If there is any ivy growth on a tree, it is best to just get rid of the ivy as soon as possible. This is good for both the tree itself and its environment as well. However, in some cases, you might not want to get rid of all the ivy. Maybe, you want some ivy to stay on the tree – as an ornamental decoration. Don’t worry. There are ways that this can be done, too. A professional arborist can help you out with any ivy growth in your garden with a proper tree service.